500 LPH SS RO Plant

Commercial 500LPH SS RO  Plant

The 500 LPH RO plant helps remove up to 98% of dissolved inorganics, over 95% of total dissolved organics and all colloidal and suspended matter larger than 0.05 micron. The flexible design and with the use of Reverse Osmosis Technology With Open Type Model and SS automatic, our Industrial RO Plant is capable of removing pollutants and impurities from the raw water and then releases the purified and safe water for drinking purpose. This Industrial RO plant Absolutely fulfills the customer requirements for excellent performance and long service. Our Industrial RO plants are ISO certified with longer durability. The quality of water generated is quite long-lasting. This 500 LPH Industrial RO plant are easy to install.

Special Features:


  • Designed as Energy efficient so very less power consumption
  • Environment friendly model because of low wastage.
  • The plant is designed according to the Standards and requirements of a particular industry or business
  • 500 LPH commercial RO provides high output and a long life span
  • Non-Corrosive: The skid provides with this 500LPH RO system is made up of stainless steel.So the product is corrosion free.


  • Ideal for Schools, College, Hospitals, Factories, Restaurants, Hotels and other Educational Institutions.
  • Can also be used for Industrial and business purposes like corporate offices, Manufacturing plants, Pharmaceutical purposes, commercial buildings and malls etc.
  • 100% pure, healthy and safe water for your consumption.
  • Purify any type of water like Underground water or Supply water.
  • Durable product and requires very less maintenance
  • Mineral & Alkaline :Customers health is our topmost priority so we provide alkaline water purifiers with mineral technology without adding chemicals.
  • Non–Corrosive – The skid provides with this 500 LPH RO system is made up of stainless steel. So the product is corrosion.
  • Installation and Services – We provide free installation for our RO water plants.


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