Agriculture Water Conditioner

Agriculture Water Conditioner/Softener 

The important Agricultural benefit of sand filter increases the crop yield up to 15-25% with better quality produce of 50% increase in selective fruits, vegetables crop/ yield and even some of the crop varieties can be doubled. Size ,taste, color, smell and texture of the vegetation improves and reduction of vegetation maturity period between 7-15 days. Shelf life of the produce increases significantly. Usage of fertilizer and pesticide needs reduces. Brackish water can also used for irrigation (up to 6000PPM TDS).

Improves more production
Using this structuring device, shows the plants and seeds starts growing root sooner and in a more absolute form. Supplies rich form of nutrients so that usage of fertilizers are reduced. Completely filters the contamination within the soil system to higher extent. Helps to control the growth of algae in water retention areas such as lagoons, water tanks or ponds. minimize the range of heat stress on vegetation. Amplifies the bright growth of root system and shoot systemin which induces the plants ingestion of water and nutrients, results in the improved and healthier plant life.

Cost benefits of Agriculture Water Conditioner
Enviro water structuring device works by the mechanism of forming vortex as like natural water softeners. It is easy to install with your water irrigation system from a water reservoir like a well or lake or municipal water supply. This structuring device prevents and vanishes the formation of hard water scaling and spoiling of all water related equipments like drip lines, sprinklers, irrigation pumps and water lines. Shapes of the soil are improved and best cost effective solution by reducing the fuel and Electrical costs by further decreasing water usage.


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