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Jei Aqua Tech has come into your area with highly trained water softening technicians. Ensuring water treatment should not be your further concern. We understand that how hard water can be a troublesome element for pipes and your home plumbing fixtures. So, our experienced technicians are here to work on ensuring the smooth working of your water softener. We don’t want you to face difficulties with DIY tactics or continuing with undesirable water. Therefore, let’s connect for safe and clean water with an updated water softener. Don’t worry about the extent of the requirement; whether it is about installing, replacing, or repairing the softener, or fixing some specific system of the model, we will handle your concerns. Contact us today for a quick, safe, and cost-effective solution.

How important water softener service is?

There is no need to mention the importance of quality water. So, when it comes to passing the levels, throwing out hard impurities from it becomes crucial. When water is hard, it means it possesses high mineral content. Thereby, the issues that occur can be the undesired taste, skin problems after bathing such as dryness and itching, and also the damage to pipes and all other used appliances. Moreover, hard water in a home can also mark water spots on the surface of the kitchen, bathroom, or any other cleaned with hard water.

Thus, there comes the importance of water softener, so does its maintenance. It is vital to keep check of the regularity of water softener maintenance after every few months to increase the energy efficiency of the water utility system in the home.

The more you take care of the system, the better it would throw out the unwanted minerals. Let’s keep up the efficiency of the water softener with reliable service. Get in touch with us today. We will soon start the evaluation of the water softener working and will craft a plan to regularize all its filters and units. Let’s make it able to handle the hardness, rust, heavy metals, iron, chlorine, etc for your peace of mind.

Do water softeners need regular maintenance?

A water softener has to be regularly cleaned in order to work at its best, just like any other appliance. Normal use does not need regular water softener cleaning; once or twice every two years should be adequate.

How do you know when your water softener needs to be replaced?

If you observe hard water symptoms in your property, it is possible that your water softener is no longer regenerating or performing effectively, signalling that it requires repair or replacement.

Should I replace my water softener myself or contact a professional?

You can probably fix your water softener yourself with little risk if it requires only a simple filter change. To avoid expensive issues like flooding, everything beyond a simple fix should be handled by someone with substantial plumbing and water treatment experience, especially if your water softener is connected to a whole-house treatment system.

Which brand of water softener is the best?

Best water softener can be chosen based on consumption and TDS levels. Before making any decisions, we recommend consulting with a water treatment professional. Jei Aqua Tech can organise a free inspection at your home to assist you in choosing the right water softener for you.

How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Water Softener?

Water softeners come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and many are integrated into larger water treatment systems. The cost of repairing them varies depending on the type.

Why choose Jei Aqua Tech for water softener services?

Jei Aqua Tech is a brand that is loved by thousands of Chennai homes. As the customer-centric approach is our top priority, we do our best to offer you the best.

We perform the service the quickest we can. When it comes to the skill of technicians, it speaks by their experience and certifications. They guarantee you for taking care of excellent service quality! Moreover, check out the name of Eureka Forbes with Jei Aqua Tech and ensure the trustworthiness to the next level!

Make your water softener ready for pure water only in upfront pricing with no hidden costs in our service. Get the work done by the industry-leading authorities that you will also surely appreciate!

Contact our water softener maintenance experts, who will gladly listen to your issue and recommend the best solution.


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