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Jei Aqua Tech has been in the market for a long time for its wide knowledge and deep expertise in the maintenance of various water filters. With the mission to ensure a healthy water supply to every home, we have brought forward the expert team for iron removal filter services in Chennai.

Starting from Ion exchange to iron filters, we handle all the iron removal methods. Considering the importance of removing this element from water, we have designed a service most efficiently to ensure you the best quality. We know that iron in water is a troublesome element that can cause various issues. To fulfill the need to care for your healthy environment, we have equipped our system with high-end technology and professional service providers. Our scalability in Chennai considers every house’s and industry’s concerns and ensures the wellbeing of families. When it comes to the overall decision of choosing the best iron removal service provider, you may undoubtedly choose Jei Aqua-Tech that offers you the best cost and quality. Get the service done in less time! Contact us and get a satisfactory service today.

How important Iron removal filter service is

These days, taking care of health is the most essential aspect. When it comes to water quality, removing iron comes to the first point. Iron bacteria are exactly the group of tiny organisms that convert ferrous iron into a ferric state during their metabolism process. Meanwhile, it obtains iron from different objects. Therefore, installing iron removal filters is the most preferred solution in the market. Hence, for ensuring the consistent working of this essential technology, Jei AquaTech comes forward to assist you. We make sure that not a single PPM of this troublesome element comes in your water. It not only stains sinks, fixtures, or anything that comes into its contact but also causes blockage of pipes. Also, when you include iron water in your cooking, it can affect the taste of the dishes.

Maintaining the water purifier after every few months is the best solution to get the most out of the product. We help you in the maintenance of your iron removal filter so that it performs its service most efficiently. We investigate the whole structure and troubleshoot the issue. Let us handle the service and find yourself free of worries.

Why choose Jei Aqua Tech for Iron removal filter service

Jei Aqua Tech is the brand that defines its services around the customer’s needs. We have been working since 2016 as a water purifier sales and services company in Chennai. We are working with brands like Eureka Forbes, Kent, Blue Star, AO Smith that are used in millions of homes and industries. We are also specialized in implementing RO plants for industries. The time you avail of our services, you need no more worry about the service time, quality, and cost. We are here to take care of all aspects for you.

Overall, give us a call and clear all your queries from the excellent customer support service. Meet our certified and experienced professionals and repair your filters with no delay. Get in touch with the Jei Aqua Tech team for the careful repairing of your iron removal filter today!

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What to do when Iron Removal Filter stops working?

First, check the motor, water level in aeration tank, valves for whether  it is closed and multiport valve in right position. If you can’t identify a problem, call your service center and book a service request if your iron removal filter system is still under warranty. You may also call our customer care number for instant doorstep service in Chennai and complimentary inspections.

How often should we do backwash of the iron removal filter?

An iron removal filters requires a backwash according to the size of the FRP vessel and usage of the water .

How much does RO service cost?

Depending on the issue and the replacement of the spare parts. Our RO service charges range starts at ₹200, there are no hidden charges, and the replacement filters or RO membrane and spare parts are 100% genuine. Because of this, we can give a 30-day money-back guarantee on all our RO services.

Can I get any brand of RO water purifier repaired or serviced?

Yes, our technicians are trained and certified to repair/service all brands of RO water purifiers including popular brands like AquaguardKentBlue Star, etc.

Do RO water purifier repair service providers replace filters?

Yes, our service engineer cleans, repair, and replace filters for all brands of RO water purifiers if required.

Does Jei Aqua Tech offer installation service for water purifiers?

Yes, we can install any brand or type of water purifier at your home anywhere in India. We are the best online service center for water purifiers that deals items without warranties. Get in touch with us by phone, SMS, or in person if you want us to install a water purifier for you.

Which purifier is best for your home?

Where should I buy a water purifier: a retail store, a dealer, or online?

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