Heat pump water heater

Heat pump water heater  systems for homes that is ideal for reliable hot water supply throughout the day.

No matter the temperature outside, a steady supply of hot water is available whenever you need it with an Enviro heat pump water heater. The usage of a heat pump that is efficient with energy is an excellent approach for homes to lower the amount of energy they consume and their overall cost of living.

In areas where household gas reticulation is not available and where it is not practicable to set solar collectors on roofs, heat pump systems are an excellent choice for replacing older electric water heaters.

How Heat pump water heater works

The heat that is sent into our home by the air source heat pump is obtained from the chilly air that is found outside. In point of fact, an evaporator coil is passed by air, which results in the transfer of heat energy from the air to the refrigerant. That heat energy is recirculated in the coil, and then it is released when air is blown across the coil by a fan. The transfer of heat from one location to another can be accomplished using this method.


Hot water is an everyday need for modern living. Traditional method of water heating by the process of burning fossil fuels or using electric heaters. That type of traditional methods of water heating operate at an energy efficiency of less than 1-meaning that the heating provided is less than electrical energy or fuel consumed.

Increasing energy costs of gas or oil heating systems, coupled with the need to meet CO2 emissions targets has resulted in the growing interest for dedicated heat pumps. When comparing to this burning fossil fuels to produce heat and consequently Co2,dedicated heat pumps use renewable energy from the environment like air, ground and water. They consume up to 70% less primary energy and therefore drastically reduce the pollution resulting from the use of fossil fuels. primary energy and therefore drastically reduce the pollution resulting from the use of fossil fuels.

Your home can be effectively heated and cooled with the help of an air-source heat pump (ASHP). The air source heat pump is currently the most popular form of heat pump, accounting for sixty percent of all heat pump sales.

Features of air source heat pump water heater

  • Significant Energy savings upto 75% compound with Traditional heating systems
  • Comes with full Electrical protection
  • Intelligent system controller for unit monitoring; Easy to control & system Troubleshooting
  • Reliable and easy to maintain; designed for safe operation
  • 100% factory tested, inspected at dedicated Hot pump testing facility
  • Adjustable water temperature & Accurate temperature control
  • 55* hot water available 24/7;independent of weather conditions
  • Environmentally friendly design; Low GWP refrigerant options available.

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