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Water ionizer is also called as an alkaline ionizer. It helps to increase the pH of the drinking water by the process of electrolysis to separate the incoming water stream into acidic and alkaline components. Ionized water is an effective way to stay hydrated. Water ionizer has various types.

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  • Kangen Water Machine Leveluk SD 501  is fast and best selling model, designed with the highest quality of electrolysis chamber on the market. It has 7 plates for electrolysis with high antioxidant potential (up to -800 mV). Not only for drinking purpose, It can produce 5 types of water easily with just a press of a button. Leveluk SD 501 is our most recommended Kangen Water machine for your family.

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  • Kangen Water machine Leveluk Super 501 is design for heavy use and mainly suitable for cafe, restaurant, office, clinic or if you have large family in your house. Designed with7 and 5 electrode plates, a twin hose system, a built-in tank for the electrolysis enhancer, and a water pressure regulating system for making the machine best. Super 501 is able to produce Kangen Water with high antioxidant potential (up to -800 mV).It also produce 5 types of water  with just a press of a button. A special Strong Acidic and Strong Kangen dedicated hose also availabe if you also need to produce this water in much amount daily.

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  • WAVE ION – BT -75

    • Touch & Smartphone Operational.
    • 5 Titanium Plates with Platinum Coated for electrolysis
    • Bluetooth Compatibility feature
    • Multi-Stage Water Filtration for pure water
    • Ozone Veg. Cleaner
    • Hot Water for Tea & Coffee
    • It is user-friendly and all-in-one water purifier with Ionizer.
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