AO smith Z2+ Water Purifier

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AO Smith Z2+ water purifier is designed specially to be placed under the kitchen counter. Except for the faucet that comes along with it, it is engineered with the highest standard of RO technology. Purified drinking water is collected in a storage tank and the impurities from the water are flushed through the drain. Z2+ makes your kitchen clutter-free, complements your kitchen interior while ensuring you get 100% RO purified water with all essential minerals in it.

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Product Dimensions (Hx D x W) 420mm x 410 mm x 270 mm
Water Source All types of water like Borewell, Municipal corporation, Tanker (typically TDS more than 200)
Purifier Type 100% RO (Reverse Osmosis) + Min-Tech (Mineraliser Technology)
Purifier Placement Under the Counter
Value Added Features Digital Display
Net Weight 11. kgs (approx.)
Gross Weight 15.5 kgs (approx.)
Flow rate Up to 15 litres per hour
Storage tank capacity 5 litres (approx.)
Purification technology RO (Reverse Osmosis) + MIN-TECH
6 Stage of Purifying Technology Pre-filter + Sediment filter + Pre Carbon filter + Side Stream RO + SCM-TECH(Silver Activated Post Carbon filter+MIN-TECH)
Membrane type Thin film composite RO membrane
Material of construction for plastic parts Food safe, non-toxic, engineering grade plastics
Pump type Diaphragm pump, 24VDC
Input Voltage 150 – 300 VAC, 50 Hz
Power rating (Max) 48 Watts
Pressure Rating 7 psi to 30 psi
  • Healthy drinking water with 6 Stages of purification like Pre-filter + Sediment filter + Pre Carbon filter + RO Membrane + SCM-TECH(Silver Activated Post Carbon) + MIN-TECH.
  • Elegant design for your modern modular kitchen décor.Ensures Clean and pure drinking water with advanced patented RO membrane technology
  • Advance Alert Technology Indicates in advance when the RO membrane and other filters need to be changed.
  • Convenient to use with gooseneck faucet
  • It helps to Retain the natural taste with essential minerals and balances pH using MIN-TECH ( Mineraliser Technology).
  • Assures 1-Year Comprehensive Warranty for RO membrane and filters.
  • Effective storage capacity of 5 Litres, best suitable for a family of 3 to 8 members.

Terms and conditions

  • Warranty 1 year from the date of  installation
  • Service issues will be solved within 24 hrs
  • Installation – If Chennai means same day installation will be done, out of Chennai means installation will done in 24 hrs.
  • Installation Type – Standard installation free
  • Stand and pre-filter set comes along with the machine
  • Return and refund policy – Refer website link



Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 41 × 27 × 42 cm


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