Bath room water structuring device

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Enviro Bath room softener is the natural water softener which mainly helps to prevent scaling and debound. It is mainly used for the commercial purposes. This consists of encapsulation of inner copper which is filled with special formulated crystal ball and installed with flow modulator at each end. EMF (electro-magnetic force ) technology  and Gravity force helps to absorbs the excess calcium and magnesium present in the water. Mainly three step process is involved in this mechanism i.e Polarisation followed by oxidation reduction (redox) and finally ionization. Scaling and debound of water happens because of the presence of increased calcium and magnesium in the water. Hard water cause dullness on kitchenware, unhealthy skin and hair loss, blockage of showers and jacuzzi. hardness of the water reduces the shine on all plumbing and sanitary wares and also reduces the cleaning ability of water. Unregulated calcium and magnesium salts in the water can cause look dingy, feel harsh and scratchy on washed clothes. Enviro methodically reduces and eliminates the calcium build up problems consumers facing on plumbing systems from residential, commercial and agricultural sector. This is a technically advanced and superior replacement product for salt water softeners to resolve the all hard water issues. 5years warranty.

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  • Natural process
  • Crystal ball
  • EMF technology
  • Eco-friendly
  • Non-toxic
  • No chemicals
  • No maintenance
  • Used for bathroom and washing purpose only
  • no magnet and no electricity
  • No water wastage and No salt
  • Unique delivery system
  • All minerals in water are retained
  • Long-lasting


  • Reduce and eliminate choking due to hard water deposits in taps plumbing systems, solar heating systems and other water appliances.
  • softness and improves the taste of water.
  • More efficient cleaning with less soap and detergents.
  • Reduce detergent comsumption in washing machine.
  • Reduce odour in bathroom
  • Reduces costs for water heating
  • Shinny, softer, healthier hair and skin
  • Low viscous and physically soft water
  • Less turbid and crystal-clear water
  • Periodical chemical back wash can be reduced by over 50%
  • Eliminates mold and algae growth.
  • Rejection water quality can be reduced by over 20%
  • Increased efficiency while reducing wear and tear on water handling equipment
  • &Maintains the quality of water for an extended period


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