Chlorine Tablets


Chlorine Tablets is used to treat the water and provides protection against contamination. Chlorination of water is the best and worldwide accepted method of disinfection and purification of water. So the water is more potable to use. This method is economical, user friendly and timely purification of water. Chlorine Tablets are very effective. This is the easiest method of killing harm full microorganisms and make the water water safe.

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  • Chlorine provides a strong residual in the distribution system.
  • Chlorine can be fastly converted into chloramines that also provide a strong residual and do not produce any by-products.
  • Chlorine is easy and fast process of purifying water.
  • Chlorine is a relatively low cost disinfecting agent.
  • Chlorine is effective at low concentrations.


  • It is used for disinfecting of Industrial residue and Swimming Pool cleaning
  • Because of its decolorizing property it is also used for whitening of vegetable fibers like cotton, linen and paper pulp


S.No Tablet Weight Tablet Dia Water Disinfection Potential (ltr of pack water treated per tablet)
1 0.2 gm 7,5 gm 40 Litre
2 0.5 gm 10 gm 100 Litre
3 1 gm 12.5 gm 200 Litre
4 3 gm 21 mm 500 Litre
5 5 gm 24 mm 1000 Litre
6 7 gm 24 mm 1400 Litre
7 9 gm 30 mm 1650 Litre
  • Available as 1 KG packet


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