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Carbon Filter are of various sizes  for domestic, commercial and industrial segments are available. This Activated carbon filters and filtration plants made up of fiber reinforcement polimer /composite vessels, mild steel with corrosion-proof rubber lining inside, epoxy-coating outside and high-grade stainless steel.

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How a carbon filter actually functions

The carbon substrate in the filter acts as a trap for the contaminants thanks to the filter’s porous structure. The substrate of the filter is a mixture of several small grains of Carbon. Carbon granule substrates have a lot of surface area, therefore they can soak up a lot of pollutants. As a result of its processing, activated carbon’s surface area is significantly greater than that of unprocessed carbon, making it suitable for use in filters.

Its Benefits and Applications

The most common applications for carbon filtration are in the purification of water, the filtration of air, and the treatment of industrial gases like biogas. In addition to its usage in respirators and sugarcane purification and gold recovery, the substance has a wide range of potential applications. Charcoal and carbon are superior to sand filters at removing chlorine, silt, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in water. Minerals, salts, and other dissolved inorganic compounds are not effectively filtered out by this filter.


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