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Commercial reverse osmosis systems are built to accommodate a higher volume of drinking water production. Its 25-3,000 liter-per-hour water production capability is ideal for a wide range of industrial and commercial uses. As an added feature, it may be customized to meet individual’s requirements.

What is a commercial RO plant?

A commercial RO plant is a large-scale water purification system that can generate potable water at a rate ranging from 25 LPH to 3,000 LPH. The water bottle industry, the restaurant business, educational institutions, and even office and IT parks have all made use of it.

At a rate of 10–15 liters per hour, a home RO system can provide enough clean water to satisfy the needs of 5–6 persons. The high-end commercial RO systems, on the other hand, can produce 3,000 liters of potable water per hour, enough to meet the daily needs of 15,000 people.

How it works

Commercial RO plants push water through a membrane to make it cleaner and safer to drink or use for other things.

It uses a method called reverse osmosis (RO) to remove all the hazardous chemicals and pollutants from the water.

This facility aids in the production of potable water on a massive scale, thus decreasing the prevalence of water-related illnesses.

Softening, dechlorination, and anti-scalent treatment are only a few of the pre-treatment methods used for reverse osmosis plants.

High pressure is used after pre-treatment, forcing water through a semipermeable membrane that traps impurities but allows pure water to pass through.

Salt and pollutant concentrations in the in-fluent water determine the amount of energy needed for treatment.

Applications of commercial RO plants

First, it’s a large-scale water purifier

Second, make sure the TDS in the water never goes above what is required

This process, number 3, purifies water by removing pollutants and other dissolved substances

Reducing the risk of water-related illnesses, which is goal No. 4

Support for emerging water bottle companies

Sixth, recycle wastewater multiple times to increase water reuse

Types of RO plants

RO treatment plants come in different kinds. There are 3 types of RO plants on the market, and their uses vary.

Commercial RO system

Industrial RO plant

Portable commercial RO system

Commercial RO uses, types, costs, and features

The various RO systems are classified according to the amount of water they can purify. The measurement is in liters per hour (LPH). The typical commercial RO unit can process anything from 100 to 3000 LPH.

100 LPH RO Plant

Usage – Perfect for clinics, retirement homes, elementary and secondary schools, offices, parks, cafes, and other outdoor venues
Types – 3 membranes of 300 GPD, 21×40 single membrane
Capacity – One hundred litres of water can be produced every hour
Price – Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 55,000
Features – The design of 100 lph RO plant is so energy-efficient that it not only uses less power and electricity, but it also requires almost no maintenance

250 LPH RO Plant

Usage – The food and beverage, textile, chemical, and similar small to medium-sized businesses would benefit greatly from the use of the 250 LPH Industrial RO Plant. Large hotels, restaurants, educational institutions, and colleges and universities with significant water demands can also benefit from its utilization.
Types – A composite thin film membrane is used
Capacity – An hourly output of 250 litres of water is possible
Price – 250 LPH RO plant costs about Rs. 85,000
Features – 250 LPH RO can keep TDS below 120 ppm

500 LPH RO Plant

Usage – Suited for use in offices, factories, hospitals, and other commercial establishments with fewer than a thousand employees for drinking, producing, and cleaning purposes
Types – Space requirements for the 500 RO plant are around 350 square metres. feet, and it includes six levels of filtration
Capacity – It can produce 500 l/h
Price – A premium 500 LPH RO plant costs about Rs. 1,50,000
Features – 500 LPH RO Plants are made with cutting-edge machinery and the highest quality components to ensure they perform reliably and last for years

1000 LPH RO Plant

Usage – Ideal for factories and corporate offices
Types – 1000 LPH RO has two membranes
Capacity – Plant for purifying water at a rate of one thousand litres per hour
Price – Get quotation
Features – It’s kind of like having a small mineral water factory on your property

2000 LPH RO Plant

Usage – The technical specifications and application needs of the client are taken into account during the production of the Industrial Reverse Osmosis Plants. The daily needs of 2000-3000 people in the workplace or in school can be met by a single 2000 LPH RO Plant
Types – The 2000 LPH RO system comes with a skid that is FRP and stainless steel. As a result, the item will not corrode
Capacity – There is a 2,000-3,000-liter per-hour water supply
Price – Get quotation
Features – 2000 LPH plants that use less energy and are more chemical-free include those based on mineral technology

Commercial RO manufacturers in India

In India, commercial RO system manufacturing is dominated by a small number of specialized enterprises. However, many businesses in the region manufacture high quality RO systems that can be customized to meet specific needs. Local vendors control 80% of the commercial RO plant industry, as popular brands like Kent, Eureka Forbes, and AO Smith are prohibitively expensive for most businesses. As a result of being able to conveniently access the services at a place near them, most customers are satisfied.

RO plants for commercial use by Eureka Forbes. Integrated RO/UV/storage/skid-mounted industrial water purification systems.

Kent Commercial RO – The top-rated commercial and industrial RO plant manufacturer serving across PAN India.

Since ESD. 2000 (21 years), Aquafresh Ro Water Purifier Company has been providing both residential and industrial RO sales and services.

Since 2016, Jei Aqua-Tech has been supplying commercial RO plants and various methods of water purification solutions to a wide variety of establishments in the Chennai area, including factories, hospitals, schools, water companies, hotels, and more.

To be Specific, an AO Smith ADR75-V-ET-1, using 7 stages of filtration and a combination of RO and UV light for absolute safety.

If you need assistance with your commercial RO plant repair and maintenance service, please contact Jei Aqua Tech by submitting an online service request. As soon as possible, a member of our technical team will get in touch with you.

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