Commercial Water Softener

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commercial water softener Fiter Presence of hard water that can build up on industrial equipments, boilers, and other heating and cooling systems. The commercial water softener removes the excess minerals and replacing them with salt. The process of industrial water softener involves exchanging source water calcium and magnesium cations for sodium cations that have been adsorbed onto resin beads filled with exchange sites. when the water flows through the softener system, sodium ions are released (exchanged)from the resin, and the hard water ions are collected on the exchange sites.

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Brand Pentair
Model 1665
Product Pentair Polyglass Vessel
Opening 4 inch Threaded
Colour Blue
Diameter 16 inches ( 400 mm)
Max. Working Temperature 49 Deg. C
Max. Working Pressure 150 PSI
Certifications NSF & CE
Warranty 1 Year Against Manufacturing Defects
Height 65.78 inch (1671 mm)
Capacity 49 gallon (185 litres)


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