Water softener


water softener device mainly useful to remove excess hardness present in the water. This hardness leads to the scaling formation, hair fall issues, skin damages, formation of white scaling of pipelines, bathroom tiles, kitchen wares, damages to home appliances like washing machines, water heaters etc

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Water Softener and its Mechanism:

Water Softener:

Softening of hard water by synthetic ion-exchange resins:
The process of treating permanent hardness of water using synthetic resins is based on the exchange of cations (eg: Na2+,Ca2+,Mg2+ etc ) and anions (eg:Cl2- etc) present in water by H+ and OH- ions respectively. During the complete process, water first passes through the cation exchange process. The water obtained after this process is free from mineral cations and is acidic in nature. This acidic water is then passed through the anion exchange process where OH- ions neutralize the H+ ions and de-ionize the water obtained.

Chemical used for softening of hard water:
Water softening is described as the process that is used to remove the compounds such as calcium or magnesium salts or other metal cations that causes water to be hard.There are numerous processes of water softening,however,most of thepopular ones include the addition of chemicals.when chemical compounds are added they tend to form insoluble precipitates.some of the chemicalsused for softening include slaked lime or calcium hydroxide,ammonia,borax,trisodium phosphate etc.They are usually used in conjunction with sodium carbonate.ion-exchange resins are also used.

  1. Price of Both Commercial and Domestic usage water softeners varies according to the size and water intake capacity of the device.
  2. For regeneration purpose, both Manual and Automatic models are available.
  3. Regeneration process is compulsory. The duration of regeneration differs according to the water usage and hardness present in the water.


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