Yellow Water Filters For Home

Yellow Water Filter For Home

Yellow Water Filters For Home

yellow water filters for home or iron removal filter is used to filter the excess iron content present in the water. Iron is one of the trouble making chemical in water usage systems. 5% of iron is present in the earths crust and it is one of the important resources. Underlying geologic actions dissolves the iron and makes the iron to go deep into the aquifers that as sources of groundwater for wells and man made ponds.

There are two forms of iron. ferrous iron is soluble form. Water with presence of ferrous iron is clear and colorless because it is completely dissolved in the water. When this water exposed to air or atmosphere, now the water color turns to cloudy and reddish brown. Another type of iron is the ferric iron this kind of iron is insoluble form and it will not dissolve in water.

Adverse effect of iron in Drinking water:

1. Iron water affects the skin when the excess quantities of iron enters into the body and its first harm skin cells that leads to wrinkles and infection. It also cause clogged skin pores and cause accumulation of oil in the skin which may cause skin issues like eczema or acne
2. Presence of high level of iron in water can even cause diabetes, hemochromatosis stomach problems and vomiting sensation

Use of yellow water filters in wastewater treatment:

Presence of iron in the drinking water indicates the discoloration problems in water. The separation of iron presence from the groundwater is a common treatment step in the production of drinking water. Sometimes when the filtered water meets the drinking water standards, the quality of water changes because of the settling of the iron (hydroxide) particles or post-treatment flocculation of dissolved iron. So it is important thing to remove that dissolved particles in the water.

The process of rapid sand filtration technique helps to fine separation of the particles present in the water. Here the Sand filter plays an very important role in the filtration process. A event of backwashing process mainly meets to filter the bigger particle size ranges. Next step in the wastewater treatment is the Dosing caustic soda stimulates the oxidation rate and improves the removal of iron presence.

Necessary of yellow water Filters in home:

In our houses, the water with the presence of iron and manganese in the sources of water like ground water or tube well has always been a big problem. Presence of these unwanted elements in the water cannot cause a big risk to human health but it will produce undesirable taste, odor and staining. So this kind of iron containing water is not fit for domestic and commercial purpose.

The filtration process like oxidation and filtration is employed to remove naturally occurring iron and manganese from the water. But ,in the case of complete removal of iron and manganese iron removal filter is utilized. Portable iron removal filter is enough for domestic home purpose. And for commercial and industrial purpose large size iron removing plant is required.

Iron, manganese and sulfur in the water makes a thick, sediments which may cause blocks the pipelines, pumps, taps and filters. Iron removal filter completely minimize the level of contaminants by increasing the oxidation process and changes it into rust particles. These rust particles will be filtered by using Ultra-filtration or Nanofiltration process.

Working Mechanism:

The first step involved in the process of iron filtration is the Oxidation filtration. Oxidation of soluble iron(Fe) and manganese (Mn) is converted to un soluble form and then easily removed by filtration. Additionally It kills the iron bacteria and other disease causing bacteria even may present after the filtration process.

Consideration for installation:

There are some criteria for installing iron removal systems for domestic, commercial or industrial purpose. water pressure, filter operating hours, Complete amount of water need, Suspended water particles, pH, turbidity mainly levels of iron and manganese in your water should be checked.

We are prominent suppliers of the Iron Removal Water Purifier. Iron containing water seems normal white in color while it comes from the tank/bore well but after some 1 or 2 hours later it changes into yellow to brown color according to the presence of iron in the water. This iron containing water is also having metallic taste. we have an best solution for this problem by fixing iron removal filter which helps to filter the increased iron content present in the water. Different sizes are also provided.

Iron removal plants

Iron is the abundant metal found in the earth’s crust, naturally it occurs in water soluble form as ferrous iron or otherwise called complexed form naming ferric iron. The main reasons for the presence of iron mixed water can also have an industrial origin, mining activities, metal corrosion, iron and steel industry etc. Normally iron does not cause any danger to human health or the environment, but the presence of iron brings unpleasant feel and organoleptic thing.

Additionally iron produces a rust color to the water, that can easily stains the white clothes, sanitary facilities and also food products. Iron containing water has a metallic taste and unpleasant for consumption. It can also stimulates the development of microorganisms, the ferro-bacteria

Process of yellow water filters for home

To filter the dissolved iron particles that it needs to be converted to suspended particle form so that it can be filtered easily. It consists of
1. Online Aeration Process.
2. Offline Aeration process.
3. Filtration process
4. Maintenance Process
5. Rinse Process

Online Aeration Process of Iron removal filters:

The Aeration tank is fixed on the ground, bore well water is pumped into trifurcated equal sized chambers, raw water is passed on into the first chamber, then the water travels to the next two chambers through the multiple vents present at variable heights. The walls producing a zigzag motion in water.

When the water enters the third chamber, it naturally makes the contact with the air and then dissolved iron content gets oxidized and now becomes suspended iron. Dosing of a proper oxidizing agent is needed to expedite aeration if the pH of feed water turns to acidic. A sludge removal pump is used to remove the precipitate filtered under the tank. The parameters for aeration efficiency of the tank is total volume, Dimensions and Design of the aeration tank.

Offline Aeration Process Of Iron removal filters:

A single chamber aeration tank is kept for the Bore well. The bore well water is allowed pass in and kept and stagnate for 4 to 8 hours which helps for the effective aeration according to the Presence of iron content in the raw water. Like online aeration process, Proper dosing of oxidizing agent is needed to expedite aeration if the pH of feed water turns to acidic.

Filtration Process Of Iron removal filters:

Ferrous free iron remover unit with depth filtration technology is kept and now the aerated water with suspended iron particles is passed in. The important function of the ferrous free iron remover helps to oxidizes the leftover dissolved iron content. This is a special kind of filter consisting of 5 layers of unique filter media. Bad color in the water, suspended solids, turbidity, suspended iron particles, taste and odor are completely filtered by this filter.

Maintenance Process Of Iron removal filters:

Once the filtration process completed, Suspended iron particles should be removed ferrous free unit by passing the water through the reverse direction. This is called Back wash process. Accumulated suspended iron particles are removed by this back wash process. The water with required pressure agitates the filter media and filters out the iron particles by the drain portion reverse direction.

Rinse process Of Iron removal filters:

After the backwash process gets over, the agitated media is again sent to settle by smooth and gently pass  through the filter media.

Benefits Of Yellow water filters for home

It clears the sediments clogging inside the pipelines.
Prevents from damage of washing machine and clothes
Prevents dry skin and scaling of skin after bath.

In Chennai some of the areas like Iyyapanthangal, Nombal, ayapakkam, porur, karapakkam, ramapuram, nesapakkam, manapakkam, kolapakkam, gerugambakkam, mugalivakkam, kovur periyapanicherry, kundrathur Mehta nagar, mangadu, mel iyanambakkam having the problem of excess iron content in the bore water. The main cause for  this problem is water scarcity and need of more water consumption. We have best iron removal filters to filter the excess iron content in the water. call 96888-85270.


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