Buy Bathroom water softener Which protects Hair Damage from Hard Water

Buy bathroom water softener

Buy Bathroom water softener Which protects Hair Damage from Hard Water ? Best Ways to Save your Hair from Hard Water problem

Hair damage leads to hair loss is the serious problem. Nowadays because of the busy schedules and changing lifestyles has no time to follow a proper hair care regularly. water quality is the important factor which plays main role for the hair fall. Especially, Hard water which is quite common reason. This issue is present almost many places in India. Presence of increased hardness in the water is one of the main reasons for excessive hair fall. Hard water makes your hair frizzy, and coarse and also dries up the scalp, which results in dandruff and hair fall. Most of the people are not aware of the adverse effects of hard water. So, in this blog, we come to know the effects of hard water and how to save your hair from hard water.

How Does the Hard Water Cause Hair Fall?

Hard water contains an excess range of calcium and magnesium. That will mixes with the hair products to form a un-dissolved salt. The salt leaves a residue on your scalp that blocks the absorbing moisturizer from the conditioner and makes the conditioner very dry. So that the hair gets tangled and frizzy, which leads to breakage. Finally it can lead to hair thinning. Here Some of the ways shows how the hard water affects your hair:

  • Calcium and magnesium build-up does not allow the scalp to absorb moisturizer
  • crystallization of minerals on the scalp makes hair brittle
  • Presence of Minerals in hard water make soap and shampoos ineffective
  • Excess minerals block the pores on your scalp and hair becomes frizzy
  • Hair lacks volume and looks thin and frizzy all the time
  • building up of minerals encourages growth of bacterial and yeast leads to infection.
  • It is one of the reason for the cause of dandruff

Effective Ways to control and get rid of Hair from Hard Water

  •  Buy Bathroom Water Softener

lot of home remedies are available to handle with hard water issue, none of them are effective in removing the hardness of the water. Use of proper water softener makes the water soft by removing the excess minerals present in the water. It also prevents the formation of scaling in the bathroom appliances, shower and marble floor. Invest in a good bathroom water softener in JEI AQUA TECH. And available with various models and wide range of capacities.

A compact water softeners are available exclusively for domestic use. Bathroom water softener with the capacity of 5.5 liters can be easily attached to the source of water supply so that you get soft water whenever its required. The water softener exchanges ions of calcium and magnesium with sodium to make hard water soft into soft water.

  • Shower filter

Shower filters are the another option to reduce minerals and chlorine present in water, which also helps in reducing damages caused by hard water.

  • Purified Bottled Water

To save the hair from damage, you can also use purified bottled water. some of the people uses bottled water especially for rinsing their hair and saving it from damage. Using bottled water is not only expensive but its very harmful to the environment. Instead of getting bottled water, using a water softener is a better option

  • Using lemon to Rinse

Naturally lemon is acidic in nature. Acidic property of lemon helps in removing the presence of mineral residues from your hair. Adding one teaspoon of lemon juice with 3 cups of water. Mix it well and Pour this rinse on your hair after shampooing. Smoothly Massage your scalp and leave it for 2-3 minutes. rinsing the hair with lemon juice increases the shining of the hair and effectively reduces dandruff caused by the hard water.

  • Using Apple Cider Vinegar to Rinse

Apple cider vinegar also reduces mineral build-up in the scalp. Rinsing with Apple cider vinegar helps to provide balancing the hair sebum secretion. So that it makes the hair fresh, soft, and shiny. Lukewarm water should be used to rinse the hair.

  • Essential Nutrients for Hair health

lack of necessary and vital nutrients in your body are also one of the reason for hair fall. Intake of Irons, proteins and vitamins in the diet also helps to keep  hair healthy.

  • Mind relaxation

Nowadays Stress is major factor for hair loss in lot of young men and women. stress and depression may also cause sudden hair loss. So it is very important to meditate and do yoga regularly to keep the mind and body at peace.

Hard water causes several damages to the hair. If you are following these all hacks you can improve texture of your hair. And also it is the right time to use a water softener. You can get a bathroom softener from JEI AQUA TECH, which is non-electric, chemical-free and eco-friendly product. To find out more details about the various models buy bathroom water softeners.


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