Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater

Heat Pump Water Heater

What is a Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater?

The Majority homes burn power or convert electricity to heat for warm. Air Source Heat pumps also use electricity. However, thanks to their easy structure and influential operation, Air Source Heat pumps use much less electricity to achieve the same goal. Air Source Heat pumps are allow to takeout as much as 75% of the energy they consume from ambient air or hydroelectricity energy and only use 25% electricity. This is why  Air Source Heat pumps have setup eco-friendly mixture that can replace systems that use fossil fuels for hot water and heating.

How does a Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater Work?

Heat naturally shift from hot places to colder places. naturally, in winter, outdoor air is colder than indoor air. But how can a Air Source Heat pump supply heat from outdoors when the air outdoors is colder? To know this, let’s see at the most common kind of Air Source Heat pump in the air-source solutions.

It is an Ambient air is drawn in by the fan and passed over the evaporator. The evaporator cools the air,i.e. it extracts the heat it contains . In the evaporator, the heat removed is transferred to the working fluid (refrigerant).With the aid heat it contains. In the evaporator, the heat removed is transferred to the working fluid(refrigerant).With the aid of an electrically driven compressor, the obsorbed heat is “pumped” to a higher temperature level through an increases in pressure and given off to the heating water via the condenser (heat exchanger).

How Efficient is a Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater?

How much more systematic are heat pumps than traditional boilers? Even though boiler organization has better over the years, majority top-performing boilers are between 90% and 94% structured, with some of their heat being discharged and lost through the fuel pipes. In differentiation, heat pumps are up to 400% efficient, meaning users will benefit from about 4 times more heat from each kW of electric power.

How Eco-Conscious is a Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater?

How much better is a Air Source heat pump for the environment? Air Source Heat pumps can decrease CO2   release compared to gas boilers by 35-65%. According to the European Air Source Heat Pump Association (EHPA), Air Source Heat pumps combined to a reduction of over 9 million tons of CO2 releases in the EU alone. The magnificent efficiency provided by  also decrease the consumption of electric power. This reduction in electricity consumption reduces the sum of fossil fuels require for the generation of electricity. One of the most productive ways for an individual to battel climate change is to switch from a traditional boiler to a heat pump. In some regions, air-source heat pumps are verified as new and sustainable energy sources and can help in meeting essential for NZEB rules. Heat pumps can also be combined with sustainable energy sources such as solar or wind turbine power to almost eliminate carbon releases.

Advantages of Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater

High energy efficiency

air source heat pumps, one of the primary benefits buyers can look forward to is a high energy efficiency grade

The efficiency of heating and cooling devices are regular in terms of the Heating Season production Factor (HSPF) and the Season Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) accordingly. In terms of SEER, heat pumps have a rating that stretches to the mid-20s – well after the minimum rating of 13. When it comes to HSPF levels, the minimum is around 7.7. Here, air source heat pumps offer three times the heating organization of conventional devices counting electrical heaters.

Minimal power consumption

Unlike the majority other heating or cooling solutions, air source heat pumps do not require extensive electric consumption in order to provide supreme comfort to a given property.

Specified that this device powers up heating and cooling supply through the air in the exterior temperature, electricity is only used to power the air source heat pump’s inner operations. Fortunately, for energy alert households, offices, and commercial properties, this usage is rather modest, reducing power bills like no other device on the market.

Alternatively, air source heat pumps can also be powered using solar or wind energy, reducing power consumption down to zero.

Long lifespan and low maintenance

Another factor air source  heat pumps are famous for are their long lifespans. Given that these devices normally last around 20 years, they’re a long-term energy suspension that generates returns from day number one.

They also essential little maintenance. In terms of air source heat pumps, washing can be done every few months and maintain just once a year.


Another factor that works in approval of those opting for air source heat pumps is their relative affordability. While startup costs can still be high in balancing to other heating and cooling solutions, these devices are far more affordable than alternatives such as geothermal heat pumps.


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